Watch WWE Superstar Darren Young Tell A Tale Of Soiling Himself In The Ring

TMZ cameras caught up with WWE Superstar Darren Young in New York City, and in their inimitable “Never Have I Ever” interview style, asked him to name his most embarrassing moment in the ring. I’m willing to bet that they never expected to hear the kind of gold — brown gold — that Young would drop on them, metaphorically.

Apparently, once he was in a tag team battle against the Wyatt Family, some big dudes with secretly big hearts, when, well, we’ll just let Darren tell it:

Me and Titus, my tag team partner at the time, were wearing these baby blue tights. And I hated the baby blue tights for some reason, I just hated the color. And in a match, one of the Wyatt boys just slammed me so hard that I sharted my pants. [TMZ bro: Sharted?!] I sharted my pants, and I was so embarrassed, I never wore those tights again.

Well, of course he never wore those tights again — there was poop in them! Young is no stranger to brave admissions, so we have to commend him here for his honesty, because there is undoubtedly some wrestling geek combing through all of his WWE recordings to find that brown stain. You asked for it, Darren.