The Incomparable Cher Reached Out To Darren Young After He Came Out

Darren Young recently joined Sean Waltman on his AfterBuzz podcast X-Pac 1-2-360, opening up about his experiences in coming out, and how surprised he was with the effect it had on people. Young came out as WWE’s first openly gay Superstar back in 2013 during an interview at LAX with TMZ. Shortly thereafter, an icon of the gay community and living legend let him know the impact of his brief public statement:

Of all people when I came out Cher contacted me via Twitter and she said you know because of my story that made it comfortable for one of her friends who’s a wrestling fan to come out to his family. So I said wow, that’s amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I still haven’t met her yet so hopefully some day in the near future we could link up.

Young also revealed something he hadn’t previously discussed publicly: his mother is also gay.

A lot of people don’t know but my mom is actually gay. This is the first time I’m saying this to you our any podcast. This is something I was going to save for my YouTube, but yeah, my mom’s actually gay. And she’s been gay for a long time. My parents live together, you know financially — they’re best friends and financially it’s just good for them to stay together.

Despite being out of the ring recovering from elbow surgery after a nasty accident during a Main Event taping. Even though he’s out of action, it’s great seeing him continually work to inspire others and break down stereotypes both in and out of wrestling.

Transcription via AfterBuzz TV