The Video Of Darren Young’s Arm Injury Is As Gross As You Imagined

Last week, Darren Young suffered a literal bad break when he hyperextended his elbow during a match against Epico that was taped for Main Event. He’ll be out of action for up to six months, on account of he tore the ass out of his elbow’s guts when he landed on the ring apron wrong. We figured we’d probably see some footage of the injury at some point, and now it’s finally here to make you wince.

Although the episode of Main Event in question is not (yet?) on WWE Network, Young uploaded the clip of his injury to his Instagram account, and about 15 seconds in, you’ll see an elbow bend the wrong way in a hurry as it lands on the apron just perfectly enough to fold it backwards.

The super slow-mo is a nice touch, by which I mean a totally jerky and disgusting touch. It gives me Enzo Amore hitting the rope flashbacks.

If you didn’t think Young’s injury was serious business (or still don’t, after seeing the above video), get a load of the unbelievably Jax-like robotic brace that the dude has to wear while he’s on the mend:

My god. It’s like both of Steve Austin’s kneebraces copulated and gave birth to a medical version of ED-209. It’s so intimidating and frightening that you half-wish he could wear it in the ring when he comes back. Maybe he can get the Lex Luger Steel Forearm Exemption. There’s a precedent!