This Japanese Wrestling Match Had The Most Unexpected (And Bizarre) Interruption

If Joey Ryan’s prehensile penis attacks didn’t make you fall in love with Japan’s DDT Pro, this latest viral clip should. The “DDT” in the company’s name is short for “Dramatic Dream Team,” and I think we’ve finally found that team.

The scene works better if you don’t know anything about it or what’s going to happen, so if you’re fresh to this, watch it. Warning: It will either make you smile for the rest of the day — possibly the week — or make you facepalm so hard your hand goes through the back of your head, depending on your personality type.

(We hope you’re the first type.)

Yes, that’s a pinfall attempt being thwarted by a referee’s pleasant memories of going on an ice-cream park date with the guy being pinned. The best part is that the entire crowd and viewing audience is drawn into the ref’s internal monologue, and the action in the ring freezes until the video’s done playing. It’s the wonderful descendant of The Ultimate Warrior appearing in a mirror to everyone but Eric Bischoff. I wonder if Bischoff could see this?

Also, the music. I’m gonna keep this clip loaded on my phone and play that tune every time I need to pause and wistfully remember something. We love you, DDT Pro. This is us: