Dean Ambrose And Renee Young Got Married By Using Yelp

If you were to list your favorite real-life WWE couples, odds are good that Dean Ambrose and Renee Young would be in your top three (we know Rusev and Lana would be in there, too; don’t lie). The two recently got secret-married, but that secret didn’t last long, as eagle-eyed fans spotted the two wearing their wedding rings on WWE television.

The Total Divas stars weren’t immediately forthcoming with any details of their nuptials, and when Big E put out a call to marry people in Los Angeles last week, some fans assumed this had something to do with Dean and Renee. That turned out to not be the case, as Big E just married some WWE fans. As one tends to do.

Renee is now talking, however, and she described their wedding to E! Online. It sounds like pretty much what you’d imagine Dean and Renee’s wedding to be, right down to it taking place at 1 a.m., them using Yelp! to figure out who could marry them, and the thing being conducted by someone named “Pastor Pete.”

“We were going to bed! We were going to bed and he like busted out the ring and we were like, ‘Oh man I guess we should do this now.’ So we ended up going on Yelp and we found a 24-hour pastor to come to our backyard. It was so handy and his name was Pastor Pete and he lived around the corner from us, so he was there. They were very concerned by the way because it was 1 o’clock in the morning, so technically it was Sunday and they were very concerned about us calling, they were like, ‘Is everything OK? Have you guys been drinking? What’s happening?’ We’re like, ‘It’s fine, you can come down.’ So we had to get a witness and we called and woke up a friend of ours and got it done.”

After the marriage was official, Renee says they woke up their friends and family in the wee small hours of the morning to tell them the good news. It just goes to prove what you always suspected: there’s never a dull moment if you’re friends with Dean and Renee.