Dean Ambrose Reveals He Nearly Died While He Was Sidelined This Year

09.14.18 7 months ago 4 Comments


Dean Ambrose has been back on WWE programming since the Raw before SummerSlam, and he’s more hard-hitting, intense, and jacked than he’s been in years. In a recent interview with The Monitor, the Grand Slam Champion revealed that it wasn’t an easy road back to the ring after the injury that took him off TV in December 2017. Fans keeping up with Ambrose’s condition heard that he would be out longer than expected soon after the injury, and he explains why, with typical Lunatic Fringe candor.

It was just one nightmare after another. It was a pretty challenging period of time to go through. I ended up having two different surgeries. I had this MRSA, Staph infection. I nearly died. I was in the hospital for a week plugged up to this antibiotic drip thing, and I was on all these antibiotics for months that make you puke and crap your pants.

Ambrose mentioned that he thought he just had “a pretty typical wrestler thing” when a bursa sac of fluid began to form on his elbow, but over time, it was obvious that something was wrong. He also says that he went into his surgery with everyone originally anticipating that he’d be out for 3-4 months, but once doctors got in there, they realized the situation was worse than originally anticipated.

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