Drake Maverick Lost The 24/7 Championship At His Actual Wedding


When he won the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth on Smackdown by disguising himself as Carmella, Drake Maverick reminded us excitedly that he was about to get married. Title changes in weird places and outside of the main WWE shows are the most exciting possible use of the 24/7 Title, so we were all waiting to see whether the story would continue at Maverick’s actual wedding, and sure enough, it did.

Drake Maverick was seen wearing the Belt while posing with his groomsmen:


And later, still wearing it when the bachelor party started getting wild:

By the way, this Maverick/EC3/Strowman trio has a whole lot of potential that I hope WWE decides to run with on TV. Before the wedding began, Maverick got King Maxel Hardy to promise not to pin him for the belt (although let’s be honest, it would be pretty great if Maxel won it down the road).


It was at the wedding ceremony itself where things took a turn, as seen in a video released today by WWE.

R-Truth wearing a jacket and tie with no shirt is such a perfectly “R-Truth” touch for going undercover at a wedding. I’m just a little sad Carmella didn’t make it, so we could have seen her wedding outfit, which I can only assume would involve leopard print. After the ceremony, Drake’s wedding day had been ruined:


His Best Man attempted to comfort him:

Drake’s new wife, however, was less than pleased:


On the other hand, D.A. Brewer, the ref who counted the pin, seems to have had a lovely day:

Letting this happen at his actual wedding was a power move by Drake Maverick, and hopefully it helps WWE see more of his potential, and the potential to do out-of-the-box things with the 24/7 Championship beyond just a crowd of guys running around backstage.