Drew Galloway Talks Impact Wrestling, Billy Corgan, And Why He Loves Beating Up EC3

Impact Wrestling has undergone a myriad of changes in the past month, and under the direction of new TNA President Billy Corgan, is looking to keep that evolution going. We caught up with former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway at Evolve 67 in Brooklyn to get his thoughts on the future of Impact.

Though he may have stood shoulder to shoulder with fellow former champion Ethan Carter III in Brooklyn, the two have a long history of just beating the tar out of each other. As he admits, EC3 may be one of his tag partners, but he sure does love to wail on him. The two are about to put their recent camaraderie on this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop when they go head to head for a shot at the main event of Bound for Glory. Former WWE Superstar Aron Rex (better known as Damien Sandow) will be calling it right down the middle, or at least we hope he will. Guest referees are always super fair in their judgement, right?

Will this be a Victory Road Galloway sees himself going down, or will it be a real TNA Turning Point for EC3? There’s only one way to find out!