Bo Dallas Was Reportedly Removed From A Flight While Drunkenly Singing Disney Songs

What happens when you combine too much overpriced airport alcohol, the magic of a spontaneous Disney singalong with one of the most brilliant NXT performances ever? Late Friday night, Bo Dallas gave us the answer when he was reportedly escorted from his flight to Mexico for being belligerent, drunk, and singing the opening song from The Lion King. Because of course he was.

While on a call with his wife who was present for the incident, Late Shift host Steven Bell started live-tweeting the situation as it unfolded:

And, to answer the question on everyone’s mind, yes it that song:

While he may have missed the initial flight alongside his fellow Superstars as they head of on a tour of Mexico, it doesn’t appear that there were any serious consequences from airport security. It’s doubtful we’ll see anything handed down from WWE either. And I mean, good for him if it’s true, y’know? It could be way, way worse. Remember the time everyone thought Ric Flair was drunk at the airport, but he was just being Ric Flair? At least he has an excuse. Maybe he’ll think twice next time before he starts telling airline staff to go f*ck themselves. Or maybe he’ll break into the Cinderella songbook. We’re cool with both.

(Via Fightful)