Booty-O’s May Have Helped Fuel The Eagles’ Super Bowl Victory

02.05.18 1 year ago


The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the whole dang world on Sunday night, when they stunned the New England Patriots and won their first Super Bowl title ever. It took a massive late sack and fumble to turn the tide, but it turns out the Eagles might have had a little extra good mojo on their side — and we’re not talking Rawley.

If you’re reading this because of the “Eagles” and “Super Bowl” part and not because you’re a pro wrestling fan, a brief bit of explanation: WWE stable the New Day are a cereal-and-booty obsessed batch of hyper-positive and wondrous unicorns, and they have their own brand of cereal called Booty-O’s. Of late, they’ve been a little bit more obsessed with pancakes, but Booty-O’s were (are) still popular enough to have been displayed in Carrie Fisher’s kitchen before her passing.

After the big Eagles victory, the New Day’s Big E took to Twitter to remind everyone that Philadelphia defensive end Brandon Graham has long been infused with the power of positivity, as he has a Booty-O’s box front and center in his locker.

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