Emma Has Been Released By WWE

Shocking news out of WWE on Sunday morning, as WWE Superstar Emma has officially been released by the company. The release was announced by WWE.com, with scant other info available beyond the standard best of luck on her future endeavors.

Emma had just appeared on WWE’s TLC pay-per-view and on the following night’s episode of Raw this past week, losing to Asuka in Asuka’s debut and then losing a rematch the following night.

The longtime cult favorite first came to WWE fans’ attention through her work in NXT across two stints, first as an uncoordinated bad dancer who loved bubbles, and then as a truly evil and macabre version of her former self who was tormented by her first failed main roster stint, where she was paired with Santino Marella and wore a pink sock on her hand.

Emma’s time in WWE has been a long and winding road. Back in 2014, Emma was released by WWE for allegedly shoplifting at Walmart, but was quickly re-hired, as the incident was deemed to just be a misunderstanding. Emma was also out of action for the majority of 2016, as she dealt with a back injury and recovery from surgery. According to Emma, she was cleared to return to action long before she actually came back to WWE television.

And then, of course, there is the Emmalina debacle, where WWE spent months teasing the return of Emmalina in much-maligned vignettes. When Emmalina finally debuted, it was just to announce the return of Emma … which happened several weeks later.

The Australian wrestler — real name Tenille Dashwood — wrestled on the independent scene under many names, most notably Tenille Tayla, before being signed to WWE in 2011. It is very likely that she will pop up on the indie scene again, as she has always been praised for her in-ring ability, along with pretty much everything else she does.

Best of luck, Emma. We will always remember your one true theme song.