Watch Enzo Amore Get Kicked Out Of WWE Survivor Series


Wrestling fans, do you ever find yourself thinking, “Ex-WWE employee and former Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, how you doin’ these days?” Far be it from me to put on a hazmat suit and take the deep dive into the Certified G’s mind required to answer that question, but I can tell you what he was doing on November 18, 2018: getting kicked out of the Staples Center, where he was attending WWE Survivor Series.

Various fans in the audience and watching the Network noticed Amore sitting on the hard cam side of the arena, wearing an unconvincing disguise.

Amore started shouting, clearly trying to draw attention to himself and/or disrupt the show. He was ejected from the arena by security to a chorus of boos.

At this point, onlookers could see that he was wearing one of his own merch shirts that read “I’m doin’ great” and carrying a replica championship belt.

Brian Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that after this incident, the wrestler/rapper spoke with WWE personnel, arena security, and the LAPD. He was then banned from returning to the Staples Center.

Amore responded to the incident on social media.

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Zero f🖤cks

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So, in the interest of fairness, I’ll point out Amore’s answer via his merch t-shirt to his catchphrase question is, “I’m doin’ great.” But in the interest of critical thinking, I’ll also point out that “I’m an embarrassment at best” seems more likely to be true.