WWE Partner EVOLVE Is Promising Fans ‘The Biggest Day Of Independent Wrestling’ Ever

Pro wrestling company EVOLVE is slowly but surely becoming the biggest name in independent wrestling in the U.S. Not only have they partnered with WWE for its Global Cruiserweight Series qualifiers, but has welcomed former WWE Superstars like Drew Galloway, With Spandex’s beloved Ethan Carter III, and now soon Cody Rhodes into the fold.

Now, EVOLVE is looking to showcase even more independent talent by bringing “the biggest gathering of premier independent wrestling talent from all over the world in New England history” to Wakefield, Massachusetts on July 15. EVOLVE is teaming up with New England stalwart Beyond Wrestling for a full day of all the glorious indie wrestling you can handle.

The shows will include international names such as Zack Sabre Jr. (he’s so hot right now), Timothy Thatcher, and Marty Scurll. You can also catch some people we here at With Spandex are awfully biased towards, like Drew Gulak, Hot Sauce Tracey Williams, Veda Scott, and certified hosses Da Hit Squad.

Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordeiro gave us the following statement about their upcoming collaboration with EVOLVE:

I’ve been in talks with the powers that be at EVOLVE for more than a year to collaborate on a show in the Northeast. EVOLVE’s growth over the last year has been undeniable. Now that EVOLVE is starting to hold more events outside of the New York and Florida markets, the timing is perfect. There were concerns that the venue they booked for Friday, 7/15 wouldn’t be big enough, so we were able to secure a building for Sunday, 7/17 that would have the capacity to host this historic event. When Beyond Wrestling first started I made it my mission to build a working relationship with as many organizations as we could as long as the relationship made sense and both parties benefited. In the past when we worked with CHIKARA and CZW we were able to get wrestlers who competed primarily for Beyond Wrestling full time spots on their rosters which means more work which means more exposure which means more paydays.

Right now EVOLVE is the place to be on the indies. They have one of the most athletic rosters featuring wrestlers from all over the world. I know my crew is super excited for this double header for the chance to show their stuff in front of new fans as well as EVOLVE management. And I know the Beyond Wrestling faithful will turn out in droves on Sunday, 7/17, not only to support the best professional wrestling in New England, but to also help EVOLVE establish themselves as a major player in a new market. Ideally this will be the first of many, many collaborative efforts going forward.

For more information, check out the full press release from EVOLVE here.