Rumors Were Flying About Former UFC Champ Fabricio Werdum Possibly Meeting With WWE

03.07.18 12 months ago 2 Comments

The worlds of combat sports and sports entertainment have both been rocked by the recent addition of former UFC champion Ronda Rousey to WWE’s roster as a full-time Superstar. She already has her first match set up — and it’s a doozy, too.

Given how effectively the red carpet has been rolled out for Rousey, it’s no surprise that other UFC fighters have considered the greener pastures that Vince McMahon may be able to provide. After all, getting fake-punched in the face beats getting real-punched in the face, right?

As such, former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has spoken with about his thoughts on WWE, which led to the surprising realization that not only is he interested in making the jump, but that he has a meeting with WWE this week:

”If I had the opportunity I’d fight [in WWE], no problem. It’s financially great. Fight at WWE, a spectacle that is fun to do. I’d definitely do it. I have a meeting Thursday about it, doing both [UFC and WWE] … I’ll have this meeting Thursday in San Diego to see if something happens with WWE. It’s cool, a unique opportunity to do a few fights there as well.”

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