Remembering Pro Wrestling’s Original Fun-Loving Pretty Boys, The Fabulous Ones

02.13.18 9 months ago 8 Comments

The United States in the early 1980s was a wet fever dream of money, drugs and good, old-fashioned American sunny optimism. Reagan was in office. We had beat the Russians in hockey at the Olympics. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial had made it home.

Steve Keirn and Stan Lane were hip to the zeitgeist in America, and proceeded to invent and popularize the now standard-issue gimmick of “Fun-Loving Pretty Boys” in the form of The Fabulous Ones. The gimmick went on to be utilized by such legendary wrestling talent as The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, The Rockers (with some dude named Shawn Michaels), The Fantastics, The Dynamic Dudes, and The Thrillseekers.

In the 1980s, WWE had “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling,” but the territories had The Fabulous Ones.

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