Finn Balor And Bayley Doing The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Dance Is All You’ll Ever Need

If you weren’t already shipping the NXT and NXT Women’s Champions, good Lord, you will be now.

First, Bayley dressed up as Finn Bálor and did his entrance to make him feel better about hurting his ankle. Then Finn returned the favor, dressing up as Bayley and doing her entrance. That alone was probably enough to get the duo on Cute Overload, but now here they are dancing at a live event and pulling off a big Dirty Dancing finish. An awkward girl who loves hugs and an awkward boy who likes hanging by himself and playing with LEGO. One can power up to beat every great female competitor in the promotion. The other occasionally becomes a demon. I don’t want to say OTP, but have two WWE characters ever been MORE meant for each other?

I’m going to watch this a few times and try not to start a Tumblr specifically devoted to their friendship.

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