Here’s Your First Look At The WrestleMania 35 Stage And Set


We’re really here folks, with NXT TakeOver New York happening tonight, not to mention indie shows happening nonstop, WrestleMania Weekend is very much underway. Tomorrow is supposed to be the official reveal of the WrestleMania 35 set inside MetLife Stadium, but on Twitter has photos in which the set is still under construction, but you can get a pretty clear idea what it looks like. Check it out:

You can see the ramp and the titantron, but what’s most interesting to me is the circular roof over the ring, which is reminiscent of the set from WrestleMania 33, although the roof over that ring was styled to look like another, larger wrestling ring. It’s also clear that the sides of the round roof are digital screens, so they can enhance entrances and whatnot. It’s also possible that there will be graphics on the columns holding up the roof, although that mostly just seems like it would be really distracting. It’s hard not to speculate on these things, but obviously we’ll get a better look at the final version tomorrow, and then an even better look when the event starts on Sunday. In the meantime, there are probably more unauthorized photos to come for those who seek them out.