Five Important Lessons WWE Should Learn From DDT BOYZ

06.25.19 2 months ago


The biggest wrestling show of this past weekend was WWE Stomping Grounds, the but it was not the best or most important. The best and most important was the one I found myself watching the night of June 22, DDT BOYZ Harajuku Kawaii Special ~ Women Festival 17. I expected it to be fun, but I didn’t expect it to be the entertainment equivalent of an extreme sugar rush, from which I crashed at about noon the next day. When I recovered from the crash, my mind and soul were rejuvenated. I realized I hadn’t just enjoyed a wrestling show, I had had a revelation about wrestling. That why I’m writing this article; to share that revelation with the party that needs to read it the most: World Wrestling Entertainment.

People talk and write about what WWE main roster programming could learn from NXT, from New Japan, from itself twenty years ago, but after watching BOYZ and then Stomping Grounds in a period of under twenty-four hours, I realized that all of these takes are stupid and wrong and that the only wrestling brand WWE should be taking pointers from is the only flawless wrestling brand in the world, DDT BOYZ.

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