Flo Rida Is Still Threatening WWE’s Heath Slater, As Wrestling’s Most Heated Rivalry Continues

Here’s what you need to know. “Need” being a strong word.

At WrestleMania 28, superstar rapper and dog whisperer FLO RIDA emasculated WWE jobber Heath Slater in a backstage segment that infuriated wrestling fans named Brandon Stroud for years. The feud continued on a 2014 episode of Raw, wherein Slater confronted Flo Rida about the emasculation and got shoved into some pipes.

Erik Danny Salas of Fresno’s Q97.1 sent over the following clip of him asking Flo Rida about the rivalry, and, as you’d expect, it involves him saying he’ll beat Slater’s ass if he sees him again. Apparently, the One Man Rock Band is still creeping around, trying to get into the music business by slipping Flo Rida new lyrics. I’m going to keep watching this interview excerpt until Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre run in and attack him from behind with chairs.

Have I honestly entered such a dark period in my fandom that I’m praying for another Flo Rida guest appearance on Raw, just to get Heath Slater back on television? Maybe next time he’ll mistake Becky Lynch for Slater and end up in the Disarmer. Or maybe Heath will have something better to do by then than, “infrequently-appearing orange yokel.”

(Via @RuthlessRadio)