The GLOW-Up: AEW And Nontraditional Wrestling Fans

05.28.19 3 months ago

All Elite Wrestling

I want to tell you a story. Anecdotes don’t equal data, as contrarians on the internet are always especially quick to point out. But I think stories are important (Tyrion Lannister would back me up on this), and they can provide insight whether or not they exactly equal truth. Because here’s the thing: I see all these arguments about All Elite Wrestling. I see people saying it’s just for indie smarks, and that it will have have to change if it wants to reach casual fans when it comes to TV this fall. I think those arguments are leaving out a lot, and my story illustrates why.

One of my oldest friends in the world is a woman named Devon. We’ve known each other since high school, long before I was interested in wrestling, although I do remember making fun of Crow Sting T-shirts with her in the 90s, because we were goths and he was a poser. Now we’re both 40 and once again live in the same city. I got into pro wrestling in the intervening years, but she never did. Then she watched Netflix’s GLOW, and after the second season last year, she casually said “I’m kind of interested in getting into wrestling, if you want to watch some sometime.”

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