The Official Trailer For Netflix’s ‘GLOW’ Promises Tights, Wrestling, And Big ’80s Hair

The official trailer for GLOW is here, and — surprise, surprise — it’s dope. It also features what might be film and television’s most perfect and succinct explanation of professional wrestling:

“Storytelling! Storytelling.”

With the amount of talent involved in the show, there’s no way it won’t be great. Said talent includes Alison Brie, comedian Marc Maron, singer Kate Nash, former WWE star Kharma (aka Awesome Kong), and more. And the entire thing is put together by the creative team behind Orange is the New Black.. And that one lady is definitely playing Gremlina.

If you watched that and somehow you’re still like, “gorgeous ladies of what now,” go read our primer about some of the GLOW characters we want to see pop up on the show in one form or another. If not, click to watch that trailer again and marvel that there’s someone in the entertainment industry talented enough to turn the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling into a modern-day prestige drama. That is goals.

GLOW debuts on Netflix on June 23. June 24-25 will be a national holiday devoted to sitting at home binge watching the entirety of season 1 of GLOW. Is it too early to complain about season 2 not being here yet?