Netflix Has Renewed ‘GLOW’ For A Second Season

You may have picked up on this, but we here at UPROXX really, really, really loved Netflix’s GLOW. You might have picked up on it based on our interviews with Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, or possibly with our red carpet coverage of the premiere, or maybe from our additional interviews with Marc Maron, or Britt Baron, or Jackie Tohn, or Britney Young, or even Alex Riley. And hey, maybe you yourself loved this universally-acclaimed prestige comedy-drama about ’80s pro wrestling.

Well, if you, like us, were absolutely clamoring for a second season of GLOW, clamor no further. It’s officially going to happen!

In case anyone needed confirmation beyond the official Twitter account saying “season two is coming,” Deadline also confirmed the news. There’s no news about when the series will come back, or even begin production on the second season, but we DO know that it will be another 10-episode season. So that’s terrific.

And yes, the stars of the show are excited about it, just like we are.

Will Steelhorse return? Will we get to see a whole lot more wrestling? WILL THERE BE RAPS, OR PERHAPS EVEN THE FORMATION OF AN ALL-WRESTLER BAND? Yes, probably all of these things. That’s purely speculation, but I’m assuming all of our deepest desires will be made real, because this show is absolutely perfect. Welcome back, GLOW. We cannot wait to binge you yet again.

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