Bill Goldberg Wants To ‘Erase The Feeling’ Of His Match With The Undertaker In Saudi Arabia

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Nearly a month removed from WWE Super Showdown in Jeddah [redacted], most fans’ memories of the show revolve around one moment: wrestling legends Bill Goldberg and The Undertaker taking turns concussing and almost killing each other in a match so bad it caused multiple post-match collapses and necessitated a formal apology.

You can imagine that neither man was happy with the way the match turned out — you wouldn’t have ever called Goldberg a “ring general,” but the guy was never bad at being Goldberg — and now Goldberg’s speaking out about his desire to “erase the feeling” it left him with.

When asked about what he has left to achieve in his Hall of Fame career, Goldberg kept his answer simple and honest.

“The only thing I need to accomplish is to erase the feeling I have from my last performance.”

I can think of at least one other person who’d like to erase the feeling from that performance.

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So who knows? Maybe when WWE returns to Green Halls Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in November, Goldberg and The Undertaker will give it another shot. It might be worth it, just to see what happens. If you want to be truly nihilistic about it, give them some ladders and make it an iron man match.

But in all seriousness, it’s totally understandable that Goldberg wouldn’t want to end his career with a bloody concussion and history’s worst Jackhammer, so maybe there’s no way to go but up?