Harlem Heat Teamed Up To Humble Suckas For The First Time In 15 Years This Weekend

Despite winning six world titles on his own, Booker T may still be best known as one half of the 10-time, 10-time, 10-time (ect) WCW Tag Team Champions, Harlem Heat. It’s honestly a bit odd to think that it’s been 15 years since Booker and his brother Stevie Ray have teamed. At this point, Booker has been a singles act at least five years longer than he was in Harlem Heat. That doesn’t seem right. In my mind, this singles thing is still a new thing Booker’s trying out, and Harlem Heat could reform at any time.

Well, speaking of which, Harlem Heat reformed for the first time in 15 years this weekend. The brothers laced up the boots again for Booker’s Reality of Wrestling promotion, winning the company’s tag team titles from the New Heavenly Bodies. You can watch a highlight package of Harlem Heat’s big weekend and return match below. It includes a cameo by Mark Henry!

Man, I was sure the New Heavenly Bodies were going to pull this one off.

Nice to see Harlem Heat back together again and Stevie Ray looking good (or as good as a 56-year-old man ought to look). I realize they weren’t an elite team in terms of match quality, but I do feel like Harlem Heat are a bit underappreciated. There are more suckas than ever out there in the world, so I’m glad Booker and Stevie are back to teach them what they gots to know.

via WrestleZone