Harper Is The Latest WWE Superstar To Make A Cameo Return To NXT


Harper — it’s very hard to not call him “Luke Harper” — is in a state of limbo right now. His tag team partner, Rowan (no first name), is sidelined for the foreseeable future after a reported injury at SummerSlam that required surgery. While most of us thought this — coupled with Bray Wyatt not having much to do and The Shield reuniting to fight Braun Strowman — would lead to a Wyatt Family reunion, that hasn’t been the case, as Strowman has aligned himself with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, instead.

Perhaps there’s a Wyatt Family reunion in the cards somewhere, but for now, Harper is floating through time and space without all that much going on. So WWE thought it’d be fun to have him head to Buffalo and make a surprise appearance at an NXT event to take on Ricochet, largely because, uh, that’s a really fun idea.

Harper is from Rochester and cut his teeth wrestling in the area, so this is a really cool surprise for local wrestling fans while simultaneously giving the healthy half of the Bludgeon Brothers something to do. He wasn’t the only main roster superstar to pop up in the home of the Bills, as Tyler Breeze also made a cameo.

It’s not the first time Breeze has made a return to NXT, and Triple H has mentioned that we might see main roster talent get “sent back down.” That, of course, is in quotation marks because it’s hard to get demoted to the better thing. But regardless, it’s cool to see these surprise cameos whenever they can happen.