What Does The Future Hold For Hell In A Cell?

10.06.17 1 year ago 8 Comments


It’s Hell Week here at With Spandex, and we’re bringing you caged content every day as a build to the pay-per-view event named after a match that’s just like a cage match, but with more cage. We plan on surrounding you with Hell in a Cell-themed content, much like the 25-foot-tall structure that surrounds the ring and ringside area. Enjoy!

Monday: 5 Feuds That Would Have Been Great Inside Hell in a Cell
Tuesday: The WWE Legends Who Should Have Had A Hell In A Cell Match And Never Did
Wednesday: Bygone WWE Hell in a Cell Match Variations That Need To Make A Comeback
Thursday: Hell in a Cell Predictions and Analysis
When WWE first introduced Hell in a Cell in 1997, it was clearly heightening the traditional cage match which, in turn, heightened a regular wrestling match. WCW attempted to heighten Hell in a Cell with the Triple Cage Match in 2000 which was, technically, heightening, though it hasn’t aged well.

The Triple Cage Match was essentially Hell in a Cell at the bottom with a ladder that was used to get to the second cage which was a regular cage match (I guess?), then you had to get out of that to go to the last cage which had a bunch of weapons so it was like a hardcore match (??). Those WWE fan marketing surveys they send out has never asked us if we missed the Triple Cage Match because, well, we don’t.

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