Here’s Something You Didn’t Expect: The Vince McMahon Center For Women

Linda McMahon popped up in Stamford, Connecticut, earlier this week to help open ‘Gini’s House,’ a shelter for women and children made possible by a whopping half a million dollar contribution from the McMahon family.


It was the grand opening of ‘Gini’s House” also known as the “Linda & Vince McMahon Center for Women and Children.” A new center for families in recovery that is now three times larger than it was, thanks to a $ 500,000 gift from the “Vince and Linda McMahon Foundation.” …

After [Linda McMahon] greeted many of the women and their children that are staying at the center and toured the the facility that provides long term residential substance abuse treatment for pregnant and parenting women, she explained how her foundation makes these kinds of gifts.

“They’re really pretty much when someone approaches us, we have a chance to visit and understand and learn about them and then we’re very willing to make contributions to help their programs,” said McMahon.

In all seriousness, this is a wonderful thing for the Stamford community and should be celebrated and shared.

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In not-total-seriousness, two notes:

1. WNTH is still going hard on the backhanded compliments for Linda. The lady’s foundation donates 500 grand to help create a women’s shelter and the local news still makes sure to call her “certainly the best known losing political candidate in Connecticut history.” The final thoughts on the video and the accompanying article are “isn’t it weird how political allegiances change?” Yeah, I guess so?

2. To reiterate, this is an AMAZING thing the McMahon family is doing for women and children in Connecticut, but does it make anybody else a little uneasy to see VINCE MCMAHON CENTER FOR WOMEN in big letters on a wall? I know Vince McMahon the businessman and Mr. McMahon the television character are two different things, but … well, you know.

What’s next, the Eric Bischoff center for monogamy and conservative paychecks?