Hulk Hogan Has A Pretty Ridiculous Bandana Collection

Senior Editor, Sports


It’s possible that Hulk Hogan is the single celebrity most synonymous with the entire concept of a bandana. He’s been rocking them ever since someone realized during the height of Hulkamania that you can sell more “HULK RULES” bandanas than you can tattered “Hulkamania” headbands. He doesn’t really go outside without one, and he even wore bandanas in court. Dress bandanas.

So it probably doesn’t surprise you that he has a massive, massive collection of bandanas. What MIGHT surprise you is that, according to what he told TMZ recently, he’s never thrown a bandana out.

He has bandanas dating back 20 years, and possibly ten rows of black bandanas. They’re black, Hulkster. I think you can get away with not having so many of them.

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