Hulk Hogan Spent Christmas Weekend Hanging Out With Pauly Shore And Georges St-Pierre

Getty Image

Hulk Hogan is a man of many mysteries. A man who moves in strange ways, and whose actions can never fully be deciphered by we mere mortals living in the present. It’s quite likely that the historians will need decades to really understand what the heck was going on with that guy at any given time.

Hogan is well-known as a man who is … let’s just say “fond of stretching the truth.” He still has a whole lot of people who look up to him and think he’s the bees knees, despite him currently being estranged from WWE for many various reasons. And there are other people who are currently extremely upset with Hogan, like forever-friend Brutus Beefcake.

But whatever you think of the Hulkster, one thing is absolutely for sure: he DEFINITELY knows and hangs out with Pauly Shore.

Yes, that’s a real picture of Pauly Shore and Hulk Hogan hanging out together just a couple of days before Christmas, reminiscing about “old times” … whatever the heck those might be. Odds are good that said times involve weezing the juice.

But that’s not the only celeb Hogan was rubbing elbows with on this holiday weekend. He also kicked it with all-time great MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre.

We have no idea why any of these things are happening, especially over the holidays, but we absolutely support this trend wholeheartedly. Here’s hoping he posts pictures of himself and … I dunno, Leif Garrett or David Hasselhoff spending Boxing Day together. We’ll keep you posted if that actually happens, obviously.