How Could Things Get Any Worse For Disgraced Wrestling Icon Hulk Hogan?

Terry Bollea would like us all to believe that he is very sorry for saying awful things about black people, because he says that is simply not who he is. Better known to the world as professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, the now-former WWE employee and Hall of Famer was revealed to have made some racist remarks about his preferences for his daughter’s love life, and it has cost him dearly. In addition to losing his reality show gig with the WWE and basically his entire history with the company, the Hulkster is now also the target of scorn, criticism, and mockery from everyone on Twitter. That last part isn’t anything new, but it’s so much worse right now than it is on a regular day.

These shocking new quotes have surfaced in connection with Hogan’s upcoming $100 million sex tape lawsuit against Gawker, so it’s hardly the last we’ll hear of the Hulkamania’s latest demise. For more, we turn to anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane on today’s episode of The Desk.