Hulk Hogan Wants To Get Back To WWE And ‘Punch Vince McMahon In The Face’

Anyone who’s followed the career of Hulk Hogan over the last *checks watch* all of it has, at one time or another, found themselves asking, “Man, just how delusional is this guy?” Whether it’s the constantly evolving story of him bodyslamming Andre the Giant, his incorrect recollection of his hometown, or thinking that #AllLivesMatter isn’t racist as hell, his big boots aren’t exactly grounded in reality. Heck, even his apology for saying racist things was so delusional we had to break it down into list form.

Now that the Hulkster has switched from remorse to Victory Mode on his latest publicity tour, he’s even more insistent that he’ll be able to return to WWE now that his sex tape trial is over. TMZ caught up with him in New York for a very awkward, candid video clip. Hogan tells the reporter that he’s not nervous about Gawker appealing the $115 million settlement. In fact, he’s not nervous about anything because “only good happens in his life.”

The video gets even weirder when Hogan makes a show of giving $50 to a man on the street selling candy. He still appears confident that he can come back to WWE, jokingly saying he’d love to return and punch Vince McMahon in the face.

Forget rose-colored glasses — the red and yellow-tint of Hulkamania is much stronger.