Hulk Hogan Says He’s Ready For A WWE Comeback And Has Ric Flair In His Corner

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02.12.18 15 Comments

As is the nature of professional wrestling, the prospect of Hulk Hogan returning to WWE has felt more like an issue of “when” rather than “if,” despite the disgusting content of his racist remarks. Although Hogan’s name gets the usual speculation workout whenever an event looms, it hasn’t translated into an appearance with the company after his racist rant was heard by the public.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Hogan is attempting to lobby for a WWE comeback and he has fellow wrestling legend Ric Flair lending his support and endorsement.

Hogan, who spoke with TMZ before participating in a Q&A alongside Flair at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, expressed his desire for redemption in the way he’d like to close out his time with WWE. He sounded optimistic about his chances and claimed that he’s on “good terms” with his former employers.

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