The Aces And Ehs Of Impact Wrestling 4/5/18: We Need To Talk About Berto

04.11.18 1 year ago 3 Comments

Impact Wrestling

Hello, and welcome to weekly Impact Wrestling coverage on With Spandex. And also welcome to me, LaToya Ferguson, your recapper and friend. Who loves ya, baby? Me, the person who gets down to the nitty and the especially gritty of Impact Wrestling every week just for you.

Disclaimer: Literally the day after this episode aired, Alberto El Patron legitimately no-showed the Impact Wrestling versus Lucha Underground event. After showing up to WrestleCon for a signing (he was on the Twitch stream) and a press conference (also on the stream) the day of said event. His release from the company was announced the following day. So please forgive the pre-“he done done it again” praise you’ll see in this recap. Because I have enough of a headache trying to praise this company’s storytelling while also regularly wanting to say, “they should’ve known better in the first place.”

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Previously: Sami Callihan Bugs Bunny’d himself into a wig and dress, and it was not even the craziest thing to happen that week.

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