Impact Wrestling Told Its Side Of The ‘Broken Hardys’ Dispute, And Matt Hardy Isn’t Happy

05.24.17 9 months ago 8 Comments


What’s the opposite of DELIGHTFUL? Because whatever it is, that’s where we’re at with regard to the trademark battle between Impact Wrestling and Matt Hardy for the rights to the “Broken Universe/Broken Brilliance” characters that Matt created. If you’ve been following along, you know that Matt applied for trademarks on the characters in his Broken Universe, and Impact applied for the same trademarks and claim it is their intellectual property.

Previously, rumors circulated that WWE was interested in coming to an agreement with Impact or was attempting to outright buy the rights to the gimmick. Impact officials stated WWE had no interest in the trademarks, but now the company has gone one step further by releasing a lengthy email outlining its side of the story.

Ed Nordholm from Anthem Media, the man who has been in charge of Impact since its sale and has been front and center in most of these public spats, sent an email to PWInsider and other media outlets, which included excerpts from what he claims is Matt Hardy’s most recent Impact contract, and a log of legal contact between Anthem/Impact, Matt, and WWE legal counsel.

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