Impact Apologized For Never Returning From Commercial Break, As More Performers May Be Leaving

Impact Wrestling

Admittedly, I don’t know anyone who watches Impact Wrestling on the Pursuit Channel. I’m not even sure I know anyone who gets the Pursuit Channel. The few people I know who still watch Impact watch it on Twitch. This past Friday night, it was only the Twitch viewers who got to see the end of the show. Bizarrely, during the Main Event match between Rich Swann and Michael Elgin, the Pursuit Channel went to commercial and never came back, and instead just kept running commercials until the next show began.

Whatever caused this issue, a whether it was in any way’s Impact’s fault or entirely Pursuit’s doing (they share a parent company, for what it’s worth), this is exactly the sort of cartoonish bush league nonsense that people have been making fun of Impact (or TNA, or briefly GFW) for years. It doesn’t seem like a reputation they’re going to shake anytime soon, especially with AEW debuting this fall on a cable channel people actually get, which can’t help but knock Impact out of the #2 spot when it comes to televised wrestling on the national stage.

Meanwhile, news has come out that Jordynne Grace, one of the top women in Impact’s Knockouts Division, never actually signed a contract with the company. According to PWInsider, a contract was prepared for Grace last year when she joined the company, but somehow she never signed it, which Impact didn’t seem to notice. Now after she’s become one of the company’s stars, with multiple title matches including at their most recent PPV, Impact has finally realized that Grace is technically a free agent and could immediately sign immediately if she chooses to. They’ve apparently been scrambling to sign her, but there’s no update on whether or not it’s happened.
PWInsider is also reporting that Scarlett Bordeaux has requested her release from Impact. Her contract is reportedly up later this summer, and there’s no word yet on whether or not her release will be granted any earlier than that. Impact heavily promoted her as a star, but rarely had her wrestle or interact with other Knockouts, using her in storylines with various men instead. This news comes in the wake of Scarlett’s real-life boyfriend Killer Kross asking for his release as well, something Impact apparently has no interest in granting.