Jack Swagger Opened Up About Why He Asked For His WWE Release

It’s been about a month and a half since Jack Swagger was granted his release from WWE. The former World Heavyweight Champion is preparing to hit the indies (and maybe-possibly Impact Wrestling or another promotion full-time). Maybe he’ll do the in-vogue thing and try his hand at MMA. His future remains to be seen, of course.

But there’s still the question of what led to his decision to ask for his release in the first place. HIs pro wrestling career started with WWE, after all, signing a developmental deal right after graduating from college (where he was a two-sport athlete and an All American amateur wrestler) in 2006 and remaining with the company all the way up to this year.

Swagger stopped by Main Event Radio to talk about his release and what the future may hold. One of the main factors in him deciding to leave sounds kind of similar to what led Ryback to leave last year: a difference of agreement on his “value.”

“I had been with the company for 10 years. I’m very fortunate for the career that I had. What it really was is a business decision. I valued myself at a certain price, they valued it at another. I’ve gotta move forward. It was just time for a change; time for Jake Hager/Jack Swagger to go out and see other opportunities.

“I’m kind of green all over again [outside of WWE]. It’s so exciting. It’s the best time to be a wrestler. Transcending countries, languages. It’s really cool to be a part of that movement. I’m grateful for the brand that we created together. I’m home more, I have 2 young kids. If I could be Mr. Mom, I would. Packing lunches, I could take my son to school. I’m a big family man. Now we are putting the family first. 200 days a year out there in a car every night it’s really gotta be in your heart.

“Now that I’m on the outside of it I could see where I was making mistakes and how I could’ve handled things differently. I’m excited to put my nose to the concrete and grind. Independent wrestling is so big and with social media now and the internet we could brand ourselves. I really don’t like the term indies, because it’s not indies anymore. I’ll go anywhere. Japan would work perfectly the way I wrestle. It’s a new movement of territories coming up again. People are working together to put on good shows and put on good wrestling.”

Swagger went on to say that he has “no idea” where he’ll eventually end up, but specifically said that what Impact, Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor are doing is “very exciting.” But hell, if we’re living in a world where Bully Ray can sign with Ring of Honor and have it be well-received, truly anything can happen.