Jack Swagger Has Some Solutions To The Problem Of WWE Owning His Name

Jack Swagger is on his own now that he’s received his WWE release. He’s about to start working the indie circuit, but first he has to go through the traditional rite of passage: figuring out what to call yourself when the name that everyone knows you by is owned by WWE. Cody Rhodes, for example, recently had to deal with this. So did Ryback.

In an interview with Memorabilia Guy, Swagger (real name Jake Hager) said he’s come up with a way around the situation, and he’s basically taking a page out of Prince’s book. (He also has another, more wonderful and fun solution, but it appears to be a joke, sadly.)

Intellectually, they own “Jack Swagger,” but I’ve been that for 10 years now, so I think the easiest way for me, at this point, to not get into any issues, and not to get into any red tape, I’m going as “Formerly Known as Jack Swagger.” It’s very silly when you’re talking about human beings, but it’s kind of what we have to do right now. Or, I might just become “The Real French-American” and change my name to “Jacques Swagger!” [Laughs]

Obviously it’s a bummer that “Jacques Swagger” is probably not going to happen, but now that he’s put it out there in the world, there’s always a chance we could wind up with a CHIKARA or AIW wrestler or something who is ACTUALLY named “Jacques Swagger.”