Jeff Hardy Was Arrested Over The Weekend, And Here’s What We Know


If you’ve been waiting for Jeff Hardy to return from injury and join Matt’s “Woken” Universe, those plans may have hit a real world snag. According to Mike Johnson over at PWInsider, Hardy was arrested on Saturday night in his home state of North Carolina for “driving while impaired.”

Here are the available details at the time of publication:

Hardy, 40-years old, was arrested at 10:20 PM on 3/10 according to the Cabarrus County Sherriff’s Office. He was released a little over an hour later at 11:24 PM. No details have been released yet on the circumstances leading to the arrest. Hardy has also been hit with a 30 day pretrial revocation of his driver’s licence, which means that currently, he cannot legally drive.

Hardy is slated to appear in Cabarrus County Court on 4/16 in regard to his arrest.

Hardy has had a number of run-ins with the law in the past, including a 2009 arrest for possession of anabolic steroids and trafficking in controlled prescription pills that saw him spend 10 days in jail in 2011.

“Driving while impaired” doesn’t mean drunk driving, necessarily, as you can be charged with it if the officer has any reason to believe you’re too impaired to continue to drive, and on the day he was arrested, Jeff was sharing videos of him recording cell phone video of him on a different cell phone while driving. That’d do it.

UPDATE: There are some additional details that have been reported on regarding the arrest, including that Hardy’s blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit, and WWE has released a statement. You can find that additional information in our full post here.