Jeff Hardy Trains For His Return As Matt Hardy Says Goodbye To WWE

While Matt Hardy seems to have said goodbye to the WWE Universe last night, his brother Jeff is reportedly getting ready for a return.

Jeff Hardy hasn’t wrestled since the spring of 2019 when a knee injury took him out of action. He hasn’t stayed out of the news as he’s been out of the ring; last October, Hardy was arrested for driving while intoxicated. His court date is coming up in April and in the meantime, according to PWInsider, he’s preparing for a return to wrestling. Hardy is reportedly scheduled to report to the WWE Performance Center next week for a checkup on how he close he is to being able to return to the ring.

When Jeff Hardy comes back, it looks like it won’t be as half of the Hardy Boyz. Matt Hardy, whose WWE contract expires on March 1, tweeted “GOODBYE” last night with an image from the Raw segment in which Randy Orton beat him up along with a link to the latest episode of his Free the Delete Youtube series. The series has depicted Hardy as the “broken” version of his character, while he has a different persona on WWE TV.

Both Hardy Boyz were reportedly signed to contracts of the same length when they returned to WWE a few years ago, but Jeff’s was extended due to his injuries.