The Best Entrance Themes Of Jim Johnston’s WWE Career

12.05.17 4 months ago 22 Comments

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As we reported on Friday, WWE has released legendary composer Jim Johnston after 32 years of employment. Johnston was responsible for some of the most iconic pieces of music in wrestling history.

In honor of his career, I present to you the best songs created and produced by Jim Johnston. It should be noted that these are not listed in any particular order, and also, these are entirely my opinion. So if you want to hop in the comments to call me an idiot for not listing “Biscuits and Gravy,” then by all means, have at it

Also — and I think it’s a testament to the pure musicality of one Jim Johnston — all of the following themes sounds good when played on kazoo. Long live the stream, long live the ‘zoo.

“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

I’ll start with one of the most obvious. I think the shattered glass is the most iconic sound in wrestling, outside of a ring bell. It’s a testament both to Stone Cold’s amazing work and this amazing theme that even in 2017, glass shattering will still get the biggest pop of the night. They tried to update Stone Cold’s theme a couple of times during his run (I remember a particularly bad version by H-Blockx, which is the most late ’90s name I’ve heard) but nothing could match the perfection of the original Jim Johnston version.

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