Jim Ross Believes The Only Way The Brand Split Will Work Is If It Remains ‘Pure As Snow’

Taking a break from lambasting Jon Jones and having his famous calls remixed over awful NASCAR fights, voice of our childhoods (and adulthoods and inner monologues), WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross touched on the WWE brand split on The Ross Report, and bah gawd, said what we’ve all been thinking. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Ross believes that the best way to stick the landing on this thing is pretty straightforward:

“If you are going to have true brand separation, then one brand doesn’t exist to the other except in a very structured and promoted manner. I’d like to see the brands separated and stay clean, stay pure. And I really think that’s important.

“I’m really thinking that that’s how I’d like to see it structured, absolutely pure as snow and no crossover. And that way, if you could be disciplined enough in your booking and your creative, then when you finally integrate, it’s a big thing, it’s really a big thing. And slow the process down for God’s sakes.”

It all seems like common sense. Commit to your decision, give the shows their own distinct identities and as Palpatine says, “unleash the power of this fully armed and operational creative team!” Of course, WWE doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to common sense, but between a banner year of NXT, the Cruiserweight Classic getting off to an incredible start, and things like actual rules of how the draft works posted online, I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Here’s to hoping Ross loves the brand split as much as he loves the value of the Burger King Croissan’wich.