Jim Ross Wasn’t ‘Big-Time Surprised’ That CM Punk Joined WWE Backstage

After years away fighting in the UFC, making movies, and being sued by a WWE doctor, CM Punk returned to WWE, or at least a show that features WWE wrestlers and makes announcements for the company, last week when he showed up on FS1’s WWE Backstage. In an interview with ComicBook.com, AEW announcer Jim Ross was the latest to respond to Punk’s new gig.

Ross revealed that he wasn’t “big-time surprised” at Punk joining the FS1 show, which he thought he would do when “they got the pay in line with what he’s looking for to work part-time,” which doesn’t include doing WWE TV.

The veteran announcer said that he was also offered a position on WWE Backstage, though not the same deal as Punk. But at the time the offer was made, he had already signed with All Elite Wrestling. And though he would have liked to see Punk join AEW, Ross says “I’m glad to see him going back on TV.”

He’s got a lot to offer. He’s creative, he’s smart, he’s a great polarizing performer. He’s a great talent, one of the best talents I’ve ever been around. Would I have wanted him to work for us? Of course I would. We would love that too. But it wasn’t in the cards right now and it may never be in the cards.

As far as comments from people in the wrestling business about people on opposite sides of the “wrestling war” go, Ross on Punk is a positive and respectful one.