Watch Jinder Mahal Get A Rousing Ovation From His Friends

So, Jinder Mahal. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Yes, we’ve been writing about the guy a lot lately. But more amazing and notable stuff keeps happening that has to do with him, so far be it from us to hinder our coverage of the guy.

Case in point: we now have video of Jinder returning to Nutrition Solutions in Jacksonville, Florida, the place that has been doing his meal prep for a while now and where he’s made several good friends. This is the first time he’s been there since winning the WWE Championship, and he got the definition of a hero’s welcome walking into the kitchen. If the sheer joy and pride on this guy’s face doesn’t warm your heart and/or turn you around on the guy, if just a little bit, then I dunno what to tell you.

Perhaps even more amazing is this supplemental video from Jinder’s friend and Nutrition Solutions’ CEO, Christopher Cavallini. This video includes a very touching testimonial from Christopher, and a Jinder Mahal inspirational cake. For the love of god, cheer this man.

I’m still getting used to typing this phrase, and maybe you’ll want to try it out for yourself: “I’m so happy for Jinder Mahal.” Ahhhhh, that’s the stuff. I think I’ve fully consumed the Jinder Mahal Kool-Aid. Or maybe it was just a virtual slice of that Jinder cake. Delicious, veiny cake. You know what the Jinder cake tastes like? It tastes like success.

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