Jinder Mahal Has Held The WWE Championship Longer Than Ric Flair Ever Did

09.18.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

Jinder Mahal has been the WWE Championship since May 21, 2017 when he beat Randy Orton to win the coveted championship at Backlash. Prior to that night, Mahal was seen as a lower card wrestler that wasn’t featured on WWE pay-per-views regularly and lost nearly all of his WWE television matches from when he started on the main roster in 2011.

Mahal was released in 2014, re-hired in 2016 and got his massive push this year in part because of his improved physique as well as WWE’s desire to grow their fanbase in India, which has 1.3 billion people … as Mahal reminds us in nearly every promo.

In an interesting bit of wrestling statistics and trivia, Mahal recently passed a huge name in terms of number of days as WWE Champion, Ric Flair. As of today, Mahal is at 119 days as WWE Champion. Flair’s two reigns as WWE Champion were 118 days with the 77 day reign from Royal Rumble 1992 and another 41 days as WWE Champion in September 1992.

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