Joey Janela Is Living His VHS Dreams

03.06.19 2 months ago


Over the past few years, Joey Janela has grown to become one of independent wrestling’s most influential stars and creative promoters. In addition to having acclaimed matches with current stars like Hangman Page, Lio Rush, and David Starr, and displaying a willingness to do insane things like get thrown off a roof by Zandig, Janela’s built a cult of personality around his quest to fulfill his VHS-filtered dreams, booking himself against wrestlers like Marty Jannetty and the Great Sasuke. He’s also been one of the key figures in Game Changer Wrestling’s recent growth, his Spring Break shows (with round three set to take place in two parts on April 5-6) have become some of the most notable attractions of WrestleMania weekend, and his name was the show where Nick Gage shot on David Arquette. Janela is currently benched by injury but has continued to make waves from the sidelines by becoming one of All Elite Wrestling‘s early signees.

With Spandex spoke to Janela outside of Burning World Studios in Los Angeles, between GCW’s To Live And Die In LA, for which Janela was a commentator, and GCW vs. Suburban Fight, during which he entertained the audience by posing on a spray-painted gold Sea-Doo and throwing a can of beer directly at the head of a fan wearing a riot helmet. That conversation is below and has been edited for length and clarity.

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