Joey Ryan’s Latest Amazing Creation Is ‘Stardong’

Joey RyanLucha Underground‘s resident undercover double-crossing police officer and foremost practitioner of Dong Style — knows a thing or two about going viral. But of course, he’s also a hell of a brilliant pro wrestler, and he’s always been great at selling whatever storyline he’s involved in.

The latest storyline that he’s thrown himself into full-bore is his feud with Cody Rhodes over in Northern California’s All Pro Wrestling, which will culminate in a steel cage match at APW’s first arena show at the legendary Cow Palace on May 6. What drove this bad blood all the way to a steel cage match, you may ask? Well, Ryan has been needling Rhodes for a while, but the final straw came over the weekend, as Ryan appeared in full Stardust gimmick as the one and only … Stardong. (Or Dongdust, if you must.)

Yeah, I think that’s a pretty effective way to get people talking about the match, Joey. Also, well done at throwing yourself into that Stardust impression. Pretty much everyone can do an instantly-recognizable Goldust impression, but that character has been around for 20 years. Let this be a lesson to everyone hoping to feud with Cody: bone up on your hissing and slithering.