Oh My God: Joey Styles Has Reportedly Been Released By WWE

08.08.16 3 years ago 22 Comments

Word is circulating that Joey Styles, iconic ECW commentator and later WWE’s VP of Digital Media Content, has been let go. The story first broke via ProWrestlingSheet.com, which reported that it is unclear when exactly Styles was let go.

We know Styles was still working for WWE as of the end of July, when he participated in a Facebook Live Q&A with Cathy Kelley that resulted in him publicly questioning some of the company’s decisions (i.e. the naming of the Universal Championship, the three-man announce teams) as well as shedding light on the ongoing Roman Reigns problem, saying that “kids [and] moms like Roman Reigns,” which is why he is still being pushed as a good guy. Video of said Q&A has since been removed from WWE’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

Styles’ Twitter account has been silent since July 29, which was a Friday (in corporate America, firings typically happen on Friday afternoons). Our own With Spandex sources have confirmed that Styles is no longer with the company.

Styles has been employed by WWE since 2005, first as a commentator then later transitioning into their digital media department, heading up WWE.com.

If true, Styles isn’t the only WWE personality who has departed the company in the past few days — Ryback parted ways with WWE on August 5, which WWE.com has since confirmed.

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