John Cena Says He’s Not Quite All The Way Back From His Injury

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While some wrestling fans are enjoying a blissful, John Cena-free WWE, and others (okay, just me) are enjoying him in his rightful place on morning network television, the fact is a John Cena return is inevitable. The WWE Superstar already tweeted that he’ll return to television on May 30, but we still don’t know when he’ll be stepping back into the ring to Attitudinally Adjust all our faves.

Vince McMahon himself confirmed that Cena will be returning soon alongside three other major Superstars, but according to Cena, he’s not quite there yet. Via TMZ:

“I’m probably 30% off of what I was operating at November 2015 … but being at 70% is still pretty damn good.”

Cena was sidelined back in November 2015 by a long-overdue shoulder surgery. While recovery time was estimated at around nine months, Cena is rehabbing his injury down at Hard Nocks South, and pushing to be back before then. For a normal person, 70% would still be far from a return, but as we all know, John Cena is far from what you would consider “a normal person.” As of now, he’s still rumored to be facing off against former New Japan Pro Wrestling megastar Shinsuke Nakamura at a WWE Live event in Hawaii.