Watch John Cena Help Pull A 167,000-Pound Jet To Raise Money For Cancer Research

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John Cena is back in his future forever home at TODAY, schmoozing his all-too chipper morning co-hosts and sending the home viewers into a fit of hot flashes not felt since the first bloom of menopause indicators. In the past, Cena has struck the perfect balance between helpful home tips, placating wine-soaked older women, holding tiny baby animals in his giant pro wrestler paws, and tear-jerking moments that remind you exactly why John Cena is universally hailed a great guy.

This week, Cena is putting his notable and, at times, seemingly unnatural strength to good use and helping to raise money for a good cause. For the past seven years, Delta Airlines has held the annual “Jet Drag” to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The event sees teams of 20 attempt to pull a 757 jet 20 feet. The team with the shortest time gets to walk out the victor, but every team gets the satisfaction of knowing their physical efforts have helped in the fight against cancer.

Cena joined Team Finish The Fight to help pull the 167,000 pound jet. Though they didn’t have the shortest time, the folks at Delta crafted a custom-made title for his efforts in raising awareness for the event:

According to Delta, almost 2,000 people participated in this year’s event.