John Cena Playing With Baby Animals Is The Only Video You Need To Watch Today

John Cena on TODAY is my favorite version of John Cena. The Cena that grants wishes and is super nice to small children is alright. The unbeatable John Cena who shows up to call people b*tches…eh, not so much. He’s won championships and was great in Sisters and is probably the second-best significant other on Total Divas (love you, weird and possibly-a-robot Jonathan!), but none of that feels as right as when John Cena steps on the set of TODAY. I mean sure, watching two morning-drunk ladies all but climb him like a jungle gym is a special experience regardless of what show it’s happening on, but there’s something fascinating about how easily he slips into the role of a guy just happy to be here taking down Christmas decorations and making stay at home parents turn into a modern day horned-up Blanche Devereaux.

Now Cena’s one-upped himself. There isn’t a glass of wine in sight, but there’s a bevy of tiny baby animals and oops I think I just passed out with happiness for a second. This truly is the clip that keeps on giving. Watch as regular co-host Natalie Morales gets totally weird about everything. She doesn’t like sting rays! She gets excited that there’s an animal who practices monogamy (who hurt you, girl?)! Animal (and possible methamphetamine) enthusiast Corbin Maxey bounces around, foisting tiny animal after tiny animal on the two. After being presented with both a tiny tortoise and a rabbit, John Cena decides to make them race and Corbin f*cking LOSES IT:

Same, dude. Same.